The District Attorney’s Office is committed to seeking justice and protecting the community. Every day, our team of public servants is working to make Mecklenburg County a safer place to live, work and raise a family. The cooperation of crime victims and witnesses plays a crucial role in the work of the DA’s Office.

The DA’s Office is divided into teams or units that specialize in prosecuting specific types of cases. The Felony Crimes Team, for example, prosecutes cases such as burglaries, financial crimes, and drug trafficking while the Violent Crimes Team prosecutes violent offenses such as felony assaults and robberies. Each prosecution team has a legal assistant who is available to answer victims’ questions about their cases. To reach the legal assistant assigned to your case, call the DA’s Office at 704-686-0700.

If you are the victim of a felony, the DA’s Office may mail information to you. Please review the materials, complete any forms as requested and return the necessary information to the DA’s Office as soon as possible. If you received these forms and need an additional copy, please contact the legal assistant assigned to your case.

ATTENTION ALL VICTIMS AND WITNESSES: If your address or phone number has changed since that information was provided to police and there has been an arrest in your case, please immediately call the DA’s Office at 704-686-0700 to provide the new information. If the police have not yet made an arrest, please continue to keep the police (not the DA’s Office) updated with your contact information. Visit our helpful links for contact information for law enforcement agencies in Mecklenburg County and North Carolina.

Frequently asked questions about victims of felonies