Committed to protecting the community.

Ensuring justice is accessible to everyone.

Committed to protecting the community.

Ensuring justice is accessible to everyone.

Welcome from District Attorney Merriweather

Welcome from D.A. Merriweather

Spencer B. Merriweather III, who has devoted his career to public service, was sworn into office as Mecklenburg County's District Attorney in 2017. As District Attorney, he has shifted resources to focus more attention on violent crimes. He established a trauma-informed team that seeks justice for survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence. He bolstered the office’s efforts to help defendants facing substance use disorders access treatment and find the road to recovery.

The District Attorney’s Office is committed to ensuring that justice is accessible to everyone. The office consistently works to develop strategies that place equity and public safety as top priorities. Under DA Merriweather’s leadership, the District Attorney’s Office pursues this mission:

Entrusted with the confidence of the State and of the people of our County, we are to seek justice and to pursue outcomes that provide a safe and vibrant community where every person can live in peace.

Latest News

Testimonies of three survivors of sexual assault lead to life sentence for serial rapist

Three brave survivors courageously took the stand recently and their testimonies, which resulted in the conviction of LJ Bertha, a serial rapist in cold cases from 1993 and 1994, helped prosecutors ensure justice and protect the community.

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Learn about our special initiatives to bring a 21st- century approach to criminal justice and public safety.

Spencer B. Merriweather III

“We will devote all of our effort into ensuring a safe and vibrant community where all people can live in peace.”

― District Attorney Merriweather

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