The District Attorney's Office is led by District Attorney Spencer B. Merriweather III. His Deputy District Attorney is D. Bruce Lillie. There are approximately 85 Assistant District Attorneys and 55 support staff members.

The DA’s Office for the 26th Prosecutorial District includes only Mecklenburg County. The office prosecutes about 200,000 traffic offenses and misdemeanors and 10,000 felonies each year. To best manage the high volume of cases prosecuted in Mecklenburg County, Assistant District Attorneys are divided into prosecution teams that specialize in particular types of cases. Each Assistant District Attorney is assigned to a team, and one Assistant District Attorney on each team is designated as the team leader.

Misdemeanor Team and Misdemeanor Appeals Team
With approximately 200,000 misdemeanors and traffic offenses every year, the DA’s Misdemeanor Team has the largest caseload of any prosecution team. The Misdemeanor Team is responsible for handling traffic cases, such as speeding tickets or driving while impaired charges. The team also prosecutes misdemeanor charges such as assault, communicating threats and damage to property. The Misdemeanor Appeals Team tries misdemeanor cases in Superior Court after a defendant who was found guilty by a District Court judge appeals his or her conviction to Superior Court for a jury trial, as allowed under North Carolina law.

Misdemeanor Special Victims Team
The Misdemeanor Special Victims Team prosecutes misdemeanor offenses that are connected with domestic violence, as well as crimes such as sexual battery, misdemeanor child abuse, and stalking.

Felony Crimes Team
The Felony Crimes Team prosecutes property crimes, financial crimes, drug offenses and other general, nonviolent felonies. In the prosecution of drug crimes, this team targets drug sellers and traffickers while seeking treatment for people experiencing substance use disorder or addiction.

Juvenile Team
Juveniles who fall under the jurisdiction of Juvenile Court are prosecuted by the Juvenile Team. These prosecutors strive to hold juveniles accountable for their actions while also intervening in the lives of at-risk youth and connecting them with treatment and community services so that they will not return to the criminal justice system as adult defendants.

Felony Special Victims Team
This team prosecutes felony cases of domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse and human trafficking. The prosecutors and legal assistants who serve on the Special Victims Team are trained to address the needs of these victims and the sensitive issues that arise in such cases.

Violent Crimes Team
The Violent Crimes Team is tasked with prosecuting some of Mecklenburg County’s most violent offenses. The teamhandles cases such as robbery, felony assault, discharging a firearm into occupied property.The Violent Crimes Team also reviews all non-fatal officer-involved shootings.

Habitual Felon Team
Under North Carolina law, a habitual felon conviction requires tougher penalties for repeat offenders—whether they’re thieves, drug dealers or violent criminals. The Habitual Felon Team focuses on these defendants. For more information about the habitual felon law, see the office’s frequently asked questions.

Homicide Team
The Homicide Team seeks justice for victims and their families by prosecuting Mecklenburg County’s most violent offenders. The Assistant District Attorneys on this team — who work alongside police at homicide scenes and routinely meet with investigators to discuss each case — prosecute cases of murder, manslaughter and felony death by vehicle. The Homicide Team also reviews all fatal officer-involved shootings.