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Office Structure

The District Attorney's Office is headed by the elected District Attorney, R. Andrew Murray.
Barton M. Menser is the Deputy District Attorney and there are approximately 80 Assistant District Attorneys.

The 26th Prosecutorial District includes only Mecklenburg County. The DA's Office for the 26th Prosecutorial District is the largest in the State of North Carolina.  The DA’s Office prosecutes approximately 225,000 traffic offenses and misdemeanors and 10,000 felonies each year.  To better manage the high volume of cases prosecuted in Mecklenburg County, the District Attorney has divided the office into “prosecution teams.”  Each Assistant District Attorney is assigned to one team. One Assistant District Attorney on each team is designated as the supervisor / team leader.

Below are the prosecution teams and some examples of the types of crimes they prosecute:

Misdemeanor Team
-driving while impaired (DWI)
-misdemeanor assaults (simple assault, assault by pointing a gun, assault on a government official)
-communicating threats
-speeding and other traffic violations
-misdemeanor possession of marijuana

Misdemeanor Appeals and Probation Violation Team
-prosecute all misdemeanors appeals from district court for a trial de novo, in front of a jury, in superior court (for example, a judge convicts a defendant of DWI in district court; the defendant may appeal for a jury trial in superior court)
-represents the State in all felony probation violation hearings as well as those misdemeanor probation violations in which the defendant has entered notice of appeal from district court

Domestic Violence Team

Drug Team
-possession of a controlled substance
-possession with intent to sell or deliver a controlled substance
-prescription drug fraud
-sale or delivery of a controlled substance
-trafficking in a controlled substance

Crimes Against Property Team
-breaking or entering and larceny (involving a residence, business, motor vehicle)

Crimes Against Persons Team
-armed robbery
-serious assaults
The Crimes Against Persons Team also reviews all non-fatal officer-involved shootings. Click here to read the office's protocol in these cases.

Homicide Team
-first degree murder
-second degree murder
-voluntary manslaughter
-involuntary manslaughter
The Homicide Team also reviews all fatal officer-involved shootings. Click here to read the office's protocol in these cases.

Habitual Felon Team
The ADAs assigned to this team prosecute all habitual felons who would otherwise fall within the jurisdiction of the Drug, Property or Persons teams listed above. For an explanation of North Carolina's habitual felon law, see our FAQs.

Juvenile Team
The ADAs assigned to this team prosecute all misdemeanors and felonies committed by a “juvenile.”  Pursuant to North Carolina law, a juvenile offender is one who commits a criminal offense between the age of six (6) and fifteen (15). Additionally, the statute allows for a district court judge to transfer a juvenile to adult court for trial if they commit a felony while they are 13, 14, or 15 years old.


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