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700 East Trade Street
Charlotte, NC 28202


The District Attorney’s Office is located in the historic Mecklenburg County Courthouse. There are no courtrooms in our building.

For directions to the current Mecklenburg County Courthouse, Mecklenburg County Jail, Office of the Public Defender, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Government Center, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department, and area parking decks, please see our Map/Directions page.

The District Attorney does not give legal advice to anyone.  The District Attorney represents the State of North Carolina.   Before contacting our office, please read our Understanding Criminal Court section and explore our links for more information about the role and responsibilities of the District Attorney and for general information about the court system in North Carolina.

If you are currently charged with a crime, do not contact our office.
  If you are represented by counsel, we cannot and will not communicate with you.  If you are a defendant and are not represented by counsel, an Assistant District Attorney may speak with you in the courtroom on your court date.


700 East Trade Street | Charlotte, North Carolina 28202 | 704.686.0700
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