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Community Connections

The District Attorney (DA) is committed to serving the community and keeping the citizens informed about the criminal justice system and the work of the DA's Office. As evidence of that commitment, DA Murray has established a new program: the Community Liaison Initiative. This Initiative calls for the DA and his Assistant District Attorneys (ADAs) to attend meetings and events throughout Mecklenburg County, as invited, to answer questions, talk about the daily work of the DA's Office, and, when requested, make presentations about particular issues or topics. In the first few years of DA Murray's tenure, representatives of the DA's Office have attended hundreds of community meetings on nights and weekends.

If your school, group, or organization would like for an ADA to attend a community meeting or event, please complete the form at the bottom of this page.

In addition to the Community Liaison Initiative, our website is designed to instruct, assist, and inform our visitors. Some highlights that may be of interest include:

You may be kept up-to-date with the latest news and information from the DA's Office in two ways: by visiting our News Releases page, or, to make it more convenient, by subscribing to our E-mail News Subscription List -- ensuring that you receive the latest news releases delivered straight to your inbox. You may subscribe or unsubscribe any e-mail address at any time.

Understanding Criminal Court
We have many educational materials about criminal court in North Carolina and Mecklenburg County on this section of our website. There is a frequently asked questions page as well as information on sentencing law in North Carolina, the structure of North Carolina's court system, and the typical stages of a criminal case as it progresses through the court system.

Victim Information
Victims of crime should visit this section of our website for more information. Of course, a victim of a crime may contact our Office if their questions are not answered on our website. Victims of felony crimes will be put in touch with the ADA assigned to the case. You may reach our main desk at 704-686-0700.

Request Form for an ADA to Attend Your Meeting or Event:

What is the name of your group, school, or organization?

If your group, school, or organization has a website, please provide the website address:

What is the address/location of your event?

When is the proposed meeting/event date and meeting/event time?
Date: Time:

Select the option that best describes your group or organization's usual meeting schedule (you may describe later in the form whether you wish to have an ADA present at multiple meetings or just one meeting):
one-time event
weekly meeting
bi-weekly meeting
monthly meeting
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Before submitting, please be sure that all fields are completed with valid information. Incomplete forms will not be processed.

A representative of the DA's Office will contact you to follow-up with your request.








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